Why Ban Something That Can Save Lives?

Over 2 million people in the UK already benefit from e-cigarettes and continue to use them as a way to give up smoking. We all know that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is unhealthy for us so many people are swapping to e cigarettes, even only on a part time basis – it all helps!

E cigarettes are safe to use and are a much healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods. When you puff away on an e cigarette you can also do so, safe in the knowledge that you are not putting your family and friends at risk through passive smoking.

Here at stop the ban it has come to our attention that the EU is considering a new way to regulate e cigarettes, which could change the way that we are able to use them forever. As it stands our present MEPs have sensibly voted against medical regulations, but this could change! We’re at a stage called trilogue where council, commissions and representatives renegotiate the TPD – which means that medical regulations could still be on the card.

Stop the ban want to work with you to stop this from happening!

The campaign on this page is happy to see e cigarettes regulated – but as a consumer product and not as a medical one, which would put lots of limitations on how, when and where they could be solved! For the sake of smokers everywhere it is important that these are available to buy freely. These are a valid, safe and effective stop smoking aid, so we want to make sure that they are available to anyone who wants to do use them.

Take a few minutes to read the campaign letter that we have included on this page. Help us spread the word and get your friends and family to read it and get everyone to sign it too. It is essential that we get as much support behind this letter as possible.

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